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Why Ontario Wants You to Fund Abortions

Starting on August 10th, the government of Ontario is going to provide abortion pills (Mifegymiso) free of charge. In other words, taxpayers are going to fund abortions, regardless of whether or not they approve of abortion.

The government justifies this action by arguing that “publicly funding Mifegymiso means women across Ontario will have fair and equal access to safe abortion without payment, judgment or exception,” Which is great, if you think abortion is an affirmative good. But if you believe that abortion is wrong, then I guess you’re out of luck.

So if you are an Ontarian that thinks abortion is murder, you will not only have to watch as thousands of children are killed, you will have to be complicit in their death. That presents a moral question that the progressive left refuses to directly answer: should people be compelled to violate their moral conscience?

The left’s actions suggest that they would answer that question in the affirmative. They celebrate when the federal government funds Planned Parenthood — another organization that performs abortions. And even though they justify that funding by arguing that it isn’t allowed to go towards abortions, they know that in reality the money can be shifted anywhere once it’s in Planned Parenthood’s bank account. The progressives also celebrate when the judiciary forces christians to cater gay weddings. “But it’s in the name of inclusion and tolerance!” they proclaim. But there is no natural right to “inclusion and tolerance”; there is, however, a right to free association. And then there’s the left’s constant attack on free speech. I don’t need to rehash their ceaseless riots on college campuses, or their unending campaign to broaden the legal definition of so-called “hate-speech” laws. It will suffice to say that the Canadian government has now passed a bill that will effectively mandate the use of certain pronouns, under penalty of a fine and eventually prison. That isn’t the same as banning certain words — now they are going to force you to use their language — the Thought Police would be proud. In short, the left doesn’t give a damn about your moral conscience.

But they do care about their moral conscience. Because they would burst with righteous indignation if a conservative ever suggested that the government should fund a pro-life organization. But then, they would never have to burst with righteous indignation, because a conservative would never want the government to fund any interest group. That’s because conservatives believe that the government has specific responsibilities and we don’t want them to overstep those responsibilities, even if it helps us obtain our goals. We believe that the government exists to do three primary things: protect our rights, provide a reliable legal framework, and defend our national sovereignty.  The progressives, for their part, do not believe in restraining the government. They truly believe that the ends justify the means.

So the progressive left is little more than the partisan hacks you see during election time. They don’t have any principles for what the government can and can’t do — they just make it up as they go along. All they want is their end goal: a progressive utopia. And like a laser approaching a distant target, they will cut through anything to arrive at their goal — including the moral consciences of anyone that obstructs their crusade for “progress”.

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